LOW TUNNELS with Steel Pipe Frames
a stronger solution for year-round crop protection

Low Tunnel Steel Pipe Frames from H. Schwartz & Sons

    Steel Pipe Frames for

LOW TUNNEL row covers

Does your crop cave in to snow, frost, foraging animals, destructive insects, and damaging wind?

Covered low tunnels can force early maturity, extend growing season,
increase production, and protect valuable crops.

Steel Frames from H. Schwartz & Sons provide low tunnel
frame strength, stability, and ease of insertion with
.922 O.D. commercial quality, heavy gauge steel pipe.  This
high-grade zinc galvanized steel pipe can be kept in place throughout the year, forming a frame that lasts season after season.  

Available in several heights and widths allowing for easy placement.

protect your crop investment today
capitalize on early markets
and higher profits tomorrow!

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